We welcome you to Delhi Public School Ghaziabad (DPSG Faridabad). Before you take any decision about the admission of your ward, we request you to go through the content of this page carefully. This will not only enable you to take a more informed decision about your wards future but also gift him/her years of joyful learning.

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About DPSG Faridabad
A Premier CBSE School

DPSG Faridabad, a premier English medium co-educational institution is situated on the Delhi-Agra Highway. A sprawling lush green locale of 6 acres of the school provides an environment that is conducive to meet the intellectual pursuits and holistic development of students who come here to study, to build, to dream, to find their bearing and to blossom into balanced and responsible citizens of whom any country would feel proud. It is a path breaker in pursuit of excellence.

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The School curriculum is designed and focused on ensuring that every learner blossoms into not only a responsible citizen, build & foster caring & loving relationships with the family and society, but also be ready to connect with real life beyond school years as the student pursues professional education.
Futuristic Curriculum

DPSG curriculum is a synthesized expression of our years of experience of observing and engaging with how children learn; our collective endeavor of exploration and research of new pathways and our aspiration to bring to the fore their true potential. The new Curriculum Design is all about learners exploring, investigating, discovering and learning, evolving and preparing for life.
Since every learner is unique teachers and students build Personalised Learning Pathways DPSG Schools lay equal emphasis on scholastic and foundational domains to create empowered students who will not just be knowledgeable but also skilled and competent to apply their knowledge meaningfully to create meaningful and positive changes in their lives.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is the future. Technology has become an integral part of learning, tracking, reporting, refining and achieving. Data and evidence tracked digitally will be ever at hand to support the learner and the teacher in chartering and altering courses as they embark on this journey of learning. This also lends objectivity and transparency not only to the teaching learning processes but also curricular governance.
The availability of Information, Communication Technology infrastructure at the school and the learner end would be essential. The conventional paper books will be gradually replaced and or supported by the tablet or laptop-based books and would at once open flood gates to all other resources thus presenting the learners with choices of learning routes, breadth or depth. Designing and Managing learning would thus be a competency that every teacher and student would need to develop and refine

Tradition of Excellence

With over 40 years of expertise, DPSG is par excellence! We are amongst the top schools in the country.

Highest % in CBSE XII 2020 95.5%
Highest % in CBSE X 2020 99.4%
No. of students with First Division 14
No. of subject wise distinctions 38
Empowering Young Minds

Education today is far more and far beyond just the academic achievement. It is about evolving physically, mentally, socially, culturally with well-developed personal and social skills coupled with linguistic, numerical & analytical competencies.
DPSG Schools offer a range of activities and engagements. They include rigorous physical conditioning to building advanced skills in sports. Art education that includes visual arts, performing arts and vocational skills is now an integral part of the curriculum. Students can pursue their interests, whatever they be. A comprehensive curriculum in Citizenship studies prepares students for life. Students join clubs and societies where they engage with meaningful work as they explore and discover self. As members of the school council, students in almost all classes may be charged with responsibilities of running and managing the assigned tasks. In doing so, they are groomed to become future leaders.

Toppers Speak
Kashish Tewatia 95.75%
Here's what our parents say


I want to thank for the dedication and hard work of Principal Ma'am and teachers of DPSG Faridabad. What they are doing for our children by initiating online classes is commendable.This is really an awesome step taken by the school. I wholeheartedly appreciate and thank each one of you for your support and love you are giving to the children. I am also thankful to all teachers for giving our kids the much needed space, for educating them in the hard-going times and for sharping their future. A big appreciation to the team of DPSG FARIDABAD.



I appreciate your dedication to our kids and thanks for staying after the school to help my kids. I hope it will be the same in the future also. And special thanks to our Principal ma’am, Mrs. Allison Pyster, who is very caring, inspiring, motivating and knowledgeable. She motivates her teachers and students time to time. Kids enjoy her company. She is an amazing Principal ma’am.

I would like to thank to the Dance Teacher, Sports Teachers, Art and Music Teacher also for their efforts.



I appreciate the initiatives taken by the school for Online classes, during this critical situation. The friendly atmosphere and company given by the teachers for the overall development of morality of the pupils. In addition to the routine education, the school is able to provide their excellence in extra curricular activities like sports, dance etc. which is extremely appreciable. However, stay safe, maintain the guidelines provided by the experts to fight against this horrific pandemic.

At last, a big round of applause to Principal ma’am and all teachers for their continuous hard work.